"I hate offering my whole calendar to my clients"

Finally, a call scheduling service for freelancers

Call scheduling is freelancers cryptonite. Personally, I hate scheduling calls because:

  • I have to remember about timezone difference
  • I have to keep track of all the emails from the client
  • I have to update my calendar
  • And somewhere between all that I have to do actuall work

Missed calls don't make customers happy. And if customer's not happy, we're not happy.

But we also need time to do actual work.

Oh, and it would be nice if we also had time for family, sleep and other hallmarks of freelancing, that actually got us on this path.

So, do you know why you're going to love KnowledgeFlow?

Here's how KnowledgeFlow makes you the master of call scheduling

Pick your time

You need time to work and live. Don't offer a whole calendar. Instead, pick a few timeslots and offer them to you client. It just feels more professional. Not to mention you're the one controlling your time.

Notice timezones

Enter your customers timezone once, and we'll show you his calendar alongside yours, so you can schedule at times fitting him and you.

Deliver via email

When you pick the times you want to offer, we'll send a nice email to your client, as if was from you. So he knows you care and he doesn't have to do any legwork. And yes, we do have profesionally looking templates.

Keep track

Offering when you're available is one thing. You need to know when someone picks a time. We keep track of clicks and responses to our emails. You'll know when someone picks a spot or wants to reschedule.

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